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Necklaces & colliers - black & white tones

100% handmade! Chains and colliers from our small factory in Wedel near Hamburg.

Choose between Bohemian glass beads, ceramic beads and Italian Polaris beads.

Draw a lot of admiring glances.

Pamper yourself or your loved ones with these extraordinary pieces of jewelry.

The jewelry is extremely versatile and fits many outfits. Whether with an evening dress or sporty with a polo shirt. It just fits every style. You can always choose between three different lengths.

Our jewelry is nickel free. All pearls are mounted on stainless steel wire. By sheathing the wire with plastic, the piece of jewelry is well tolerated by most allergy sufferers.

All necklaces and chains are available in the standard length of 45 cm. If you like to wear your chain a little longer on your neck, it is best to choose a length of 48 cm. For those who like the chain closer to the neck, there is the 42 cm version.

And the best: You will also find matching earrings or studs and bracelets for almost all necklaces and chains.

Enjoy browsing!

6 products found in Necklaces - black & white tones

Collier Lavender - Bohemian glass beads in the form of lentils
  • ab € 29,90


Necklace Florence - Bohemian glass beads in pillow form - the classic
  • ab € 35,90


Necklace jasmine - round & oval glass beads from Bohemia
  • ab € 33,90


Necklace daisies - delicate little Italian polaris beads
  • ab € 39,90


Necklace cube - Bohemian glass beads with silver lens
  • ab € 32,90


Necklace lotus flower - Bohemian glass beads in the form of large & small drops
  • ab € 19,90