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Handmade necklaces made from Italian polaris beads

Our handmade necklaces Polaris beads are very high quality, we exclusively get the pearls from Italy. I.Italian polaris beads not only look classy, ​​they are also classy. Sometimes shiny, sometimes "frosty" matt. Very unusual and always an "eye catcher".
They are light and have a very pleasant and high wearing comfort. Allergy sufferers can also breathe a sigh of relief, these pearls are nickel-free and comfortable to wear.
Our polaris beads from Italy will milled from polyester rods or sheets and then colored manually, which creates exciting color differences in different batches.
Every piece of jewelry is unique.

3 products found in Necklaces made from Italian polaris pearls

Collier Cubes - Italian polaris beads as cuboids
  • ab € 29,90


Necklace daisies - delicate little Italian polaris beads
  • ab € 39,90


Collier Calla - Italian polaris pearls as a small barrel
  • ab € 32,90