We offer individually coordinated dates for our courses and events:

  • Birthdays for children and adults
  • Workshops, e.g. for hen parties
  • Workshops for the production of jewelry and accessories
  • 1-hour crash course (generally during shop opening hours)

The birthday parties generally take place during opening hours in the shop. Outside of these times we offer the celebration to take place at your house for a small surcharge. The following days of the week are available: Saturday afternoon, Sunday or Monday afternoon.

If you are unable to attend a course that has already been booked, it is generally possible to cancel or postpone it up to one week before the start of the course; alternatively, you can transfer the booking to another person.

Please understand that the course fee cannot be refunded afterwards.

Your place will only be booked once you have paid the course fee at least 1 week before the start. The minimum number of participants is 4 and limited to a maximum of 10 participants per course.

Spontaneous participation in an event is unfortunately not possible.

The 1-hour crash course always takes place during shop opening hours and is particularly recommended for individuals.

This enables us to respond specifically to your wishes and skills. You will get an overview of the basic terms and learn useful actions and how to use different materials.

Registration for individuals:

Please note the following when registering / booking:

If individual places are booked, the course fee of € 15,00 is due immediately and must be paid on site, by PayPal or by bank transfer. If the registration is made by email or by phone, it must be paid within 7 working days after confirmation by email.

You will receive the data with the confirmation email from info@perle-perle.de.

Registration for groups is possible for the following workshops:

  • Birthdays for children and adults
  • Hen party
  • Christmas or company party
  • Happy day
  • or as a "normal" group of 6-8 people

When booking group places, the course fee must be paid in advance. The total amount for the group (€ 15 per person) can be paid on site, via PayPal or by bank transfer. We do not accept individual amounts for a group event.

The agreed date is binding for all registered participants in the group. If someone is still unable to participate, the group can nominate a replacement. Otherwise the booking for this person expires.

What can you expect in a workshop?

After prior consultation with the group, a course topic will automatically arise. This is followed by detailed, theoretical and practical instruction.

Please indicate in advance whether basic knowledge is available in order to plan the workshop in a targeted manner.

Please register as follows:

  • in the shop at Bahnhofstrasse 10, 22880 Wedel during opening hours
  • by phone 04103 96 700 60
  • by fax 04103 90 31 5 20
  • by email info@perle-perle.de
  • about our Contact-Form