Hello, we are pleased that you are there and "drop by" with us.

I would like to introduce myself, ie pearl-pearl: My name is Sabine Stumpenhagen. I have over 20 years ago Perle-Perle founded. And, yes, I am the owner and creative head of Perle-Perle. But still, it would not be possible without support.

Hardworking, loyal and creative helpers support me in the production of our exclusive products and since last year my sister, Stefanie Millotat, has been "on board" as a qualified marketing manager and has taken over the marketing & sales.

And now again from the beginning: As early as 1996, still working in the technical profession, I grew the desire to take the step into self-employment. The idea of ​​turning my hobby into a profession was born. First I started with self-colored cloths made of silk, velvet and other fine materials. It should be something special. No batik towels.

These cloths sold so well that I could hardly keep up with the production. This gave rise to the idea of ​​making chains from self-dyed silk strands. And these chains were also very popular. At artisan markets, among friends and and and ...

Yes, and so it quickly became clear from this passion that the step towards independence had to be taken. I gave up my job as a technical draftswoman.

Since I love colors and colors always played the main role in my products, my motto quickly became clear:

- Colorful is my Favourite colour -

Now the pearls came into play. I wanted more. I had the vision to design jewelry myself. It should be high quality, colorful and wearable jewelry at fair prices. My idea and its implementation hit like a bomb.

Sales on the markets were increasingly professionalized. I hired hard-working helpers for the production and also had to hire them.

Initially, local perfumeries and boutiques approached me and took my jewelry to sell them.

Then, through the presence at various trade fairs all over Germany, national boutiques, shops for beautiful accessories, perfumeries and other shops became interested in my handmade jewelry.

Since then, we've been designing a new collection twice a year, in addition to seasonal designs and ideas. In order to always be up-to-date, we create additional collections for various occasions, such as weddings, special holidays, such as Christmas. However, classics always remain in the range, each supplemented with the trendy colors.

2016 was my personal company highlight: I was allowed to open a shop in my hometown Wedel, in the far west of Hamburg. For the lucrative rent, the business was somewhat "off the beaten track". At the beginning of 2019, I was able to take the opportunity to move my business right into the middle of the action, to Bahnhofstrasse 10.

This is also the home of the new production facility, where the new jewelry and accessories are made by hand.

My team and I only use high-quality materials such as Glass beads from Bohemia, ceramic beads from Greece and polaris beads from Italy, to name just a few. Glass beads from Austria and natural materials such as wood, horn, shells and gemstones are also processed in the jewelry.

Very important to mention: Our jewelry and accessories are nickel free. We attach great importance to this.

In our workshop there are always new and exciting combinations of colors and shapes; from delicate pink to brightly colored, from round to asymmetrical - and all pieces of jewelry have one thing in common: they shine and shimmer. True to our motto:

- Colorful is my Favourite colour -

Of course, as already mentioned, depending on fashion and trend, the latest color combinations are represented in the latest collections.

We look forward to your visit, either in our shop in Wedel or browse online.

If you have any questions or suggestions, we look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards from the Perle-Perle team