• No contact with water
    • If possible, do not shower or swim with your jewelry. Soap residues, chlorine or salt can remain on and in your jewelry and cause discoloration.
  • Free of perfume / cream
    • Do not let your jewelry come into direct contact with soap, perfume, make-up, body lotion or hairspray.
  • Sweating
    • Take off your jewelry when you do heavy work or start hard training. Sweat is not good for your jewelry.
  • Remove your jewelry before going to bed
    • Jewelry wears out faster if you wear it permanently and can be damaged when you sleep.
  • Store in a suitable container
    • It is best to store your jewelry in a darker place, e.g. in a cloth bag or in a jewelry box.
  • If possible, avoid knotting.
    • Close chains, bracelets and similar jewelry before storing. This reduces the possibility of knots appearing in your jewelry.
  • Put on your jewelry last
    • It is best to only put on your jewelry after you have dressed. This way you can avoid getting stuck in your clothes with your jewelry.
  • Avoid pressure
    • Avoid putting great pressure on elastic bracelets. Tighten them carefully so that the elastic band is not stretched too much.
  • Be careful with chemical products
    • If you come into contact with chemical products, for example when cleaning, take off your jewelry beforehand
    • Watch out with the sun or tanning bed
      • Do not expose your jewelry to the sun or the rays of the sunbed unnecessarily. This can discolor your jewelry.

    ... and should it happen that your jewelry, regardless of whether it comes from pearl-pearl or not, has been damaged. We are doing our best to make it shine again. Bring your jewelry over or send it to us. We are happy to take care of it.

    We hope you enjoy your jewelry

    Sabine Stumpenhagen

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